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Session Time
We will provide a maximum of 90 minutes in good time for your first session.
There is no problem with you finishing the session early before reaching 90 minutes.
After second time, you can choose a session from 60 minutes.
Session Time
Shower Before and After a Session
Before entering the tank, please wash yourself down from head to toe with supplied shampoo and body soap in the bathroom after using a restroom.
Please do not rub your skin too hard with a towel because it causes a stinging sensation by water solution.
Please dry your body with a towel softly at the bathroom and move naked to the tank room.

After the session, you can just rinse off your body with a shower. However, if you don’t shampoo your hair, it will become rough. Please wash your hair once again if your are concerned about it.
In case you have gotten water solution in your ear, please make sure to rinse out your ear lightly.
In the Tank
Once you enter the tank room, please close the door of the room. And, open the door of the tank and slowly enter the tank with each leg in order to avoid slipping. First thing you need to do after you enter the inside of the tank is to make sure if you can open and close the door from the inside of the tank. You can open the door anytime you like.
In the Tank
Many people feel uncomfortable at first. In case you feel like that, you can touch water solution to confirm a feel or water the surface of your body.
It is also effective if you move your body in various ways like doing some stretches.

In case you really have a feeling of restlessness or anxiety, we recommend you to get out of the tank once without strain and take a shower and then get inside the tank again after resetting your mind. By doing so, many people can relax smoothly afterward.
In the Tank
What you often feel first is a pain in the neck and shoulders. This is not due to the tank. It’s because you can acutely become aware of stiffness that was underlying by loosening your body.
Also, as you unconsciously try to lift your head up in order to avoid soaking your face in the water, it strains your neck.
In this case, you can make yourself comfortable by clasping your hands behind your head. In this posture, opening and closing your elbows to move your shoulder blade or having a full stretch while bringing your hands together behind your head might be effective to ease stiffness in your body.

While you feel uncomfortable, your body often makes a rocking motion in the tank and makes contacts with the wall of the tank.
If your body has distortion, it may be difficult to float stably. Human body always has strain, so please do some stretches freely while floating.
As you get used to floating, your body is fixed as if you are buried in jelly.

You can sleep in the tank. Even for a first session, some people fall into a sleep right away.

At the end of a session, you will hear soft music from speakers.
Before you get out of the tank, please wipe water solution on your hair and body with a towel in the tank.
In Case You Have a Wound or Cut
Please be careful that mucous membranes such as an eye or new wound smart awfully from touching water solution. If it reaches your eye, please rinse it with water immediately.
We can provide a band-aid for a wound-like scratch. You may get a little stinging sensation at first, but it will become less annoying eventually.
Men should not shave their faces just before sessions. It will cause a stinging sensation.
About Earplugs
If you don’t use earplugs, you will get water solution in your ear.
In case you get water solution in your ear, please rise well inside of your ear.
When it dried without rinsing, magnesium is crystallized; so, inside of your ear feels rough, and it may cause mild inflammation. (There is no major harm)

For those who concern about it or have a problem with ears, please prepare for earplugs. Wearing earplugs might block to hear heart sounds (your heartbeat sounds) in the tank.
Various Effects
In the Tank
It has a great effect to make skin beautiful. Some people may have a spiritual or creative experience; however, this is different with each person. Please do not have too much expectation for this kind of experience.
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