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open throughout the year, and 24 hours
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Please e-mail us for reservations and questions.
Please have a read through Home and Session on our website before your session.
7,800 yen for 60 minutes
9,900 yen for 90 minutes
13,200 yen for 120 minutes
19,800 yen for 180 minutes
Cash only
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Stage-Higashiikebukuri APT 303,
2-10-5 Higashi-ikebukuro,Toshimaku, Tokyo

Open throughout the year and 24 hours
For reservations
  • The "予約可" part of the calendar is available for reservation.
  • Nothing is displayed for the reserved time zone.
  • If you wish time other than "予約可", please fill in the third desire of the other day.
  • Basically, reservation is accepted the day before, but reservation is possible when reservation time is on the calendar.
  • On the day that reservation can be made on that day, it is stated as "当日予約可".
  • There is only one tank for one person. You can not reserve two or more concurrent sessions at the same time.
  • We speak very little English.Thank you.
】 Please be sure to enter.
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