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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1.Observance of the norm of a statute and others
Incorporated company Sel Flotte (henceforth our company) observes the norm of the statute applied and others in the privacy of you using our services, and protection of personal information.
2.Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
When you offer personal information from a user, our company specifies the use purpose beforehand for every offer service, and acquires by a proper method.
The offered personal information is used in the range for the purpose of the specified use.
3.Offer of personal information
Our company does not disclose or provide a third party with the personal information offered from the user.
However, the case where there is an others and justifiable reason which is a case where it is based on a statute etc. is excluded.
4.Reservation of accuracy
Our company maintains the personal information to hold at the exact and newest contents.
moreover, a user -- when the person himself/herself is able to be asked for disclosure of the personal information which our company holds, correction, or deletion, it responds to this in the rational range.
5.The measure against a safety control
Our company takes a required technical protection measure in order to protect personal information from risks, such as unlawful access, tapping, an alteration, disclosure, and loss.
Moreover, while fixing an internal rule and driving home to an employee and an outsourcing place, it improves by improving continuously.
6.Revision of this plan
Since our company aims at much more protection of personal information, it may revise privacy policy without a preliminary announcement with statute establishment, change, etc.
Please understand the situation beforehand.
In addition, the contents of privacy policy shall be applied after the printing day to our website.
*In the standard or the contents of handling of personal information in the website of the other company linked from our website, we cannot take responsibility.
Privacy policy