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Welcome to our flotation tank salon “SEL FLOTTE” in Stage-Higashiikebukuri APT 303, 2-10-5 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshimaku, Tokyo.Experience ultimate relaxation in an environment with minimal distractions.
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A flotation tank (also called an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank) reduces the five human sensations as well as the feeling of gravity. In addition, light and sound are blocked inside the tank. The flotation experience is an excellent way to feel a deep sense of mental and physical release by eliminating virtually all stimulation and stress. The feeling is similar to floating on the Dead Sea or perhaps being inside the womb.
The tank is filled with a solution of water and dissolved magnesium sulfate (Epson salt), and the water temperature is maintained to be the same temperature as that of the skin, thus allowing anyone to float comfortably in this environment. Magnesium sulfate is widely used as an additive to hot springs and an ingredient in beauty essence products. Its main effects are loosening tensed muscles and making skin smooth by improving the retention of moisture. The healing properties of magnesium sulfate are currently drawing more attention.
Prior to your first session, we will explain how to use the tank. After that you will take a full shower and experience 90 minutes of floating.

During your flotation sessions, you will not wear anything (e.g. swimsuit) because the sensation of clothing may create discomfort during the experience. Earplugs are provided to block sound and protect your inner ears from the magnesium sulfate solution. Once you are inside the tank, please feel free to spend the time as you like: you can listen to your own thoughts, meditate, experience a state of nothingness, or sleep. You will hear soft music at the end of each session, and at that point, you will shower once again to remove any excess salts from your body. If you have time after the session, please make yourself at home in our living room.

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